Tempurpedic Foam Says a Lot to Your Spine

Tempurpedic foam mattress material is a unique and exclusive technology developed by Tempurpedic and Tempurpedic thermo-sensitive. Tempurpedic material reacts to the temperature of your body. It softens in contact with warmer areas, where your body creates the most pressure, and stays firm in contact with colder areas, so you sleep in the most comfortable position. True ally of the Tempurpedic viscoelastic, the thermo-sensibility is a Tempurpedic exclusivity which assures you a comfort of dream.

Feel the difference whether you like firm, supple or toned mattresses, Tempurpedic has a tailor-made solution for you. The tempurpedic material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure felt by astronauts during take-off. These unique pressure relief qualities are at the heart of Original technology. It provides exceptional comfort and support, with a firmer feeling. After tempurpedic mattress reviewit is seen that Tempurpedic Sensation technology offers the tonic feel of a traditional spring mattress combined with the unique tempurpedic comfort and support.

What is else?

Tempurpedic Original Mattress offers the true tempurpedic feel, and simply. Its design is uncluttered and the cover is removable and washable at 60 ° C. Tempurpedic Original Technology Unique Tempurpedic support, a firmer home comfort Find where it all started, tempurpedic Original technology offers the fundamental benefits of tempurpedic comfort and support for your entire body. Find the mattress of your dreams in tempurpedic Original technology.

Tempurpedic Cloud supports with a flexible welcome. Removable and washable cover at 40 ° C. Tempurpedic cloud technology unique support, more flexible home comfort tempurpedic Cloud technology provides an innovative balance of flexibility and support. The top layer is composed of the specially studied material for an immediate sensation of relaxation. This material blends perfectly with the Tempurpedic support layer to provide the comfort, support and durability that you.

The unique Tempurpedic support, a tonic home comfort tempurpedic Sensation technology combines the optimum Tempurpedic support with the ease of movement of a traditional mattress. The profiled base in studs combined with an exclusive combination of tempurpedic Material allows a unique comfort and balance.