Do you have shoulder pain? Side sleeping may be your answer

The choice should be made by chance if depending on how you sleep, body weight and temperature of the bedroom, as well as of course the general feeling of comfort essential for a quality sleep. Those who are used to sleeping on their side usually prefer a soft mattress because this gives more back and spinal support, which allows the body to sink further and allows greater comfort. Of course, everything depends on how much you weight. It let you choice some of best mattress for sleepers with shoulder pain.

Recent studies show that we spend an average of one third of our lives in bed. It’s definitely a very long time frame. Precisely for this reason, it is important to make that time as much as possible of quality. Sleeping badly translates automatically into dealing badly even the next day, and being less productive in the study or work.

Which One to Take?

Some mattresses are equipped with pocketed steel springs that, thanks to their independent movement, can adapt perfectly to your appearance. Others, however, are made of latex, an elastic and resistant material, as well as antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

As for latex, there is a distinction between natural latex models – therefore more expensive, and others made synthetically. In some cases you may even find mattresses that contain a mix of the two compounds. They are deformable mattresses and always fresh, even more than those in memory foam. In addition, latex is a totally hypoallergenic material, therefore suitable even for the youngest or asthmatic subjects.

The spring models are definitely the most breathable, since they are cables inside. If the model which you are interested in has the springs-bag, they will be even more ergonomic, and you will not run the risk of overlapping with the passage of time. An orthopedic mattress, to be considered as such, must have at least 700 or 800 springs. A lower or higher value may not guarantee the same comfort.

There are also completely removable models, which can therefore also be washed in the washing machine. On the instruction booklet you will find all the most important details and explanations on how to clean your mattress.