Mattresses for People with Disabilities

Nearly every disability entail some sort of sleeping disruption, this will vary from person to person. The most common disruption is physical pain, exhaustion and emotional stress. Even challenging sleep environments in which many disabled people live.


Beds and Bedding


Adjustable bed frames are ideal for people with disabilities that affect their physical capacity. Most of these are electric and remote controlled for easy access to adjust the position and sleeping angle. Many of these beds can also be elevated at the foot of the bed, this can help people who may have circulation problems so that they can elevate their leg to be as comfortable as possible.


Low-profile bedsare designed to lay close to the ground. Many disabled people do experience pain or pressure when they are attempting to get out of higher beds. These beds are also a lot safer for people who are more likely to roll out of bed.




Waterproof mattressesare widely used in long-term care facilities across the country. These mattresses tend to be made of vinyl/PVC, polyurethane and other slick, durable materials that do not absorb urine or allow puddles to accumulate.


Air mattresses are often use in rehabilitation clinics and hospitals to improve circulation in people with blood flow impairments and to maximize the comfort whilst sleeping. These mattresses may also prevent things like bed sores or shearing.


Memory Foam and Latexcreate a contouring surface. These conditions are ideal for someone with certain physical disabilities.


Sometimes exceptionally firm mattresses are used for people who weigh 230 pounds or more, this is often link to disabilities such as down syndrome.

Tempurpedic Foam Says a Lot to Your Spine

Tempurpedic foam mattress material is a unique and exclusive technology developed by Tempurpedic and Tempurpedic thermo-sensitive. Tempurpedic material reacts to the temperature of your body. It softens in contact with warmer areas, where your body creates the most pressure, and stays firm in contact with colder areas, so you sleep in the most comfortable position. True ally of the Tempurpedic viscoelastic, the thermo-sensibility is a Tempurpedic exclusivity which assures you a comfort of dream.

Feel the difference whether you like firm, supple or toned mattresses, Tempurpedic has a tailor-made solution for you. The tempurpedic material was originally developed by NASA to relieve the pressure felt by astronauts during take-off. These unique pressure relief qualities are at the heart of Original technology. It provides exceptional comfort and support, with a firmer feeling. After tempurpedic mattress reviewit is seen that Tempurpedic Sensation technology offers the tonic feel of a traditional spring mattress combined with the unique tempurpedic comfort and support.

What is else?

Tempurpedic Original Mattress offers the true tempurpedic feel, and simply. Its design is uncluttered and the cover is removable and washable at 60 ° C. Tempurpedic Original Technology Unique Tempurpedic support, a firmer home comfort Find where it all started, tempurpedic Original technology offers the fundamental benefits of tempurpedic comfort and support for your entire body. Find the mattress of your dreams in tempurpedic Original technology.

Tempurpedic Cloud supports with a flexible welcome. Removable and washable cover at 40 ° C. Tempurpedic cloud technology unique support, more flexible home comfort tempurpedic Cloud technology provides an innovative balance of flexibility and support. The top layer is composed of the specially studied material for an immediate sensation of relaxation. This material blends perfectly with the Tempurpedic support layer to provide the comfort, support and durability that you.

The unique Tempurpedic support, a tonic home comfort tempurpedic Sensation technology combines the optimum Tempurpedic support with the ease of movement of a traditional mattress. The profiled base in studs combined with an exclusive combination of tempurpedic Material allows a unique comfort and balance.

What are the key benefits of using Memory Foam Mattress?

It is well said that if you have a sound sleep, you will be able to get up in a fresh mood and you will also be able to focus more happily in your work. Let us now discuss the various benefits about using the memory foam mattress.

It helps in the Proven Efficiency – Various testimonials as well as Tests reflects that the memory foam mattresses may help you to alleviate the bone substantially, muscle as well as it also helps in the circulatory issues, being truly suggested by the chiropractors as well as by the physicians all around the world.

High level of Comfort – Without any such hard points that are pressing against the body, you would also rest much comfortably for complete night. It is never in vain when the customers describe resting or sleeping on the memory foam mattress being floated on the cloud.

Choose your comfortable Sleeping Position – Such kind of the mattress permits the mattress to adjust with the position or the posture of your body and allow you to enjoy it till the time you wish, devoid of even causing any kind of pain or even forcing you to always toss around entire night searching for much comfortable and restful position. This means that you may sleep peacefully on your back, having your face completely down or keeping it on one side for till the time you want, without any kind of the unpleasant side effects.

The great news is that there is no specific kind of Discomforts for the Partner – You are waking up and will not more waking the partner up. Because of technology related to memory foam, the movements would lead to no such impact on the partner’s side of bed and yours while the partner is also waking up in middle of night.

Cool memory foam mattressthat are used to get favorite for gathering the place for germs and dust, but complete texture of this mattress never allow any of this. Hence, there will be no more of sneezing, no more of the watery eyes, no more rashes as well as irritated skin!

Do you have shoulder pain? Side sleeping may be your answer

The choice should be made by chance if depending on how you sleep, body weight and temperature of the bedroom, as well as of course the general feeling of comfort essential for a quality sleep. Those who are used to sleeping on their side usually prefer a soft mattress because this gives more back and spinal support, which allows the body to sink further and allows greater comfort. Of course, everything depends on how much you weight. It let you choice some of best mattress for sleepers with shoulder pain.

Recent studies show that we spend an average of one third of our lives in bed. It’s definitely a very long time frame. Precisely for this reason, it is important to make that time as much as possible of quality. Sleeping badly translates automatically into dealing badly even the next day, and being less productive in the study or work.

Which One to Take?

Some mattresses are equipped with pocketed steel springs that, thanks to their independent movement, can adapt perfectly to your appearance. Others, however, are made of latex, an elastic and resistant material, as well as antibacterial and hypoallergenic.

As for latex, there is a distinction between natural latex models – therefore more expensive, and others made synthetically. In some cases you may even find mattresses that contain a mix of the two compounds. They are deformable mattresses and always fresh, even more than those in memory foam. In addition, latex is a totally hypoallergenic material, therefore suitable even for the youngest or asthmatic subjects.

The spring models are definitely the most breathable, since they are cables inside. If the model which you are interested in has the springs-bag, they will be even more ergonomic, and you will not run the risk of overlapping with the passage of time. An orthopedic mattress, to be considered as such, must have at least 700 or 800 springs. A lower or higher value may not guarantee the same comfort.

There are also completely removable models, which can therefore also be washed in the washing machine. On the instruction booklet you will find all the most important details and explanations on how to clean your mattress.

Three myths of mattresses

When hunting for a new mattress, it is a must that you look after every feature of the mattress and pick the one which well suits your requirement. Choosing a wrong mattress could be hazardous to your beauty and health as this can disturb your beauty sleep at night. Pick the best mattresses  from among all types according to your needs. Even if the mattress could result in back pain problems for you and your partner. Some tests resulted in concluded three myths of mattresses:

The more the coil, the better

An innerspring model which is the better from among all mattresses has 600 to 1000 coils. Though if a mattress is having more coils in comparison to the other mattress, the coils could be a result of thin-gauge metal. While learning about the manufacturing of mattress and coils structure, you might have been familiar with the variations of coil-like Bonnell, isolated pocket springs, and continuous wire. Among all these, there isn’t any special coil variation which is superior.

The gel is good for cooler sleep

A number of innerspring mattresses are manufactured with a layer of gel-infused foam which gives a long lasting cooling effect. This layer improves and adds on to the air conditioning system in the mattresses. Yet after having a gel-infused foam, these mattresses still retain warmness up to 10 per cent. Above all, the test results show that the innerspring mattresses which have a layer of gel-foam are likely to be cooler. Though the reverse was found a fact in the case of gel-infused foam beds.

Additional lumbar support assists back sleepers

Using a lumbar-support could be of great advantage to the seller and buyer both. How advantageous for the seller? This is because a lot of people demand lumbar-support zone in a mattress. And when the thing is good for customers, it will increase the sales of the manufacturer ultimately satisfying the needs of the target market. In fact, manufacturers are ready to differentiate their product line with the involvement of lumbar-support mattresses.

These three myths reveal how a mattress could be helpful! Especially, the materials used in the mattresses play an important role in differentiating it from others and making it special. So, it is advised to pick thebestmattress.